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Patrick Goggin overview of AB 2552

AB 2552: Misguided From Every Angle by Patrick Goggin

Assembly member Norma Torres (D-CA) introduced AB 2552 earlier this legislative session. The bill would effectively criminalize driving with any detectible level of THC in the system. None. The ramifications of such a bill becoming law are tremendous indeed.

Never mind that government testing is unreliable – the lack of minimum levels would not only criminalize medical cannabis patients but the millions among us who consume healthy hemp foods. Other states like Colorado are considering legislation similar to Torres’ and together they have sparked a debate over what minimum levels should be reasonably established to recognize medical cannabis patients and hemp food consumers.

Torres’ short-sited legislation and its ilk should be emphatically rejected by the respective state legislatures. Alternatively, the legislatures should work with cannabis industry leaders to establish reasonable standards if they want enact to measured laws to minimize driving under the influence.

Deep Green Festival 2012

Deep Green Festival and Conference Brings Medical, Ecological and Economic Benefits of Cannabis to Light

Second Annual Earth Day Weekend Event Combines Speakers, Music, Vendors and Educational Exhibits at the San Francisco Bay Area’s Craneway Pavilion

February 22, 2012, San Francisco – At a time when 50% of the U.S. populace believes cannabis should be legalized and the federal government is attacking the existing state-regulated medical cannabis industry, Deep Green will for the second year present a thorough and insightful exploration of the cannabis plant as a vital medical and industrial resource.

Featured on the Discovery Channel reality TV show, Weed Wars (Season 1, Episode 4, aired December 22, 2011), Deep Green is the leading high level gathering of leaders in the cannabis and hemp fields, visionaries and musical performers.

The Festival will feature 3 stages of music and performances, presentations by top experts, industry leaders, and luminaries, and 100 vendors and exhibitors in a public exposition of the cannabis plant and its range of uses and benefits to society. Main stage music acts include the conscious hip hop group Luminaries, Indubious, Dogon Lights, Human and Jillian Ann. Festival speakers include Chris Conrad, Debby Goldsberry, Ed Rosenthal, Dale Gieringer, Ralph Metzner, Steve and Andrew DeAngelo (founders of Harborside Health Center and stars of Weed Wars).

The festival will also feature entertainers Swami Beyondananda, Ngaio Bealum and Sherry Glaser, an Eco Fashion Show MC’d by cannabis journalist and model Dragonfly De La Luz, an outdoor green edu-tainment zone from the nationally acclaimed Sustainable Living Roadshow, plus a variety of informational displays and multimedia conveying the 21st Century story of cannabis hemp.

The Conference will feature in-depth panels and workshops with 25 top experts addressing current medical cannabis research, cannabis/hemp legalization, organic agriculture, medical dispensary management, families and prohibition, industrial hemp, organic agriculture and more.