Deep Green

Exploring the Seven Dimensions of Cannabis



Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act Will Seek Ballot Status in 2014

According to co-author Bill Panzer, “I am committed to repeal. I don’t ever want to have to represent another
marijuana defendant, even though it would mean the end of the majority of my legal practice.”

“In the name common sense and fiscal responsibility, all cannabis advocates and sympathizers must rally and unify to finally put to death the three-quarters century old irrational and universally impacting federal cannabis prohibition.”  Patrick Goggin Attorney Of Law

“In 3000 years of medicinal use Cannabis has almost always been used in the context of other herbs to amplify or attenuate its various actions, and so as we enter a contemporary phase of Medical Cannabis it only makes sense to use ethnopharmacological inquiries to optimize the emerging industry.”                                                                                                      Prashanti De Jager, Ethnopharmacologist, Ayurveda, Author, Teacher, Scholar, and Yogi

Karma Talk with Swami Beyondananda

Swami, do you believe marijuana and hemp should be legalized? 

OK, but first let me answer the question you haven’t asked …  yes, I tried it once but I didn’t exhale.  Now … be truthful … how many of you saw your first hologram … right after your first half a gram?  Talk about expanding the mind.  I expanded my mind so much, I could no longer fit through the door.  I had to go to a shrink.

But you see, marijuana is just a smokescreen.  The real issue is hemp … an all-purpose product and it can be used as food, to make clothing, even to build houses.  The actual Declaration of Independence was written on hemp … and maybe in more ways than one.  Did you know George Washington was a pioneer in using medical marijuana?  He used it to deal with the pain from his wooden false teeth.  You’ve heard of transcend dental medication. His transcendentist must have written him a prescription.

You want a growing economy?  Well, hemp grows like a weed.  Nothing like seeding the grassroots economy with actual grass roots, right? And the grass is rooting for us to get it together.

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